How video production agencies should be helping your communications during the coronavirus outbreak

We believe that now more than ever, there is a need to show your customers and people that you care about their wellbeing, you are helping them to keep moving forward and you are constantly innovating to meet their needs.

Here are our thoughts on how we think video production agencies like us should be helping you to innovate in your approach to communications and training at this time, as well as minimise the risk to your customers and people.

Live streaming your content – We think it’s possible to keep the buzz of events going, even if you have to take the decision to cancel them, by offering a livestream alternative to your event. We have extensive experience of setting these up for our customers, and we can take care of everything for you – so your presenters simply turn up as they would for a live event. We’ll also edit the broadcast for distribution following your live stream. 

Pre-record your content – We can film presenters and produce a quick turnaround on editing your videos. You get a selection of videos, based around the theme of your event, that can be distributed to customers – either as an all inclusive resource, or drip fed in stages over a few weeks to help drive your content strategy.

Animations – If it’s not possible to film your people, we can record audio remotely or use a voice over artist and lay this over an animation. An animation is great for explaining key concepts to your audience and does not have to be complex or time consuming to create.

Using your old footage – We can also utilise previous video footage you have created, alongside corporate stock, to accompany pre-recorded audio from your presenters.

Podcasts – Now might be the time to create an audio-only podcast. We can help with the editing of the audio files as well as creating an intro sequence with key calls to action as well. 

Want to talk about any of these options? 

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If you’re a video production agency or freelancer then please feel free to download this as a document, feel free to rebrand it and use as your own. As agencies let’s work together to keep things moving and to help our clients and our people at this time.