Uniglobe Travel awards

The video

The creative

When creating the concept one word described what the video was about –¬†Connecting. Whether that is connecting with customers via social media or connecting a person from one destination to another. We took inspiration from the quote by Mark Twain, which epitomized the excitement, adventure and exploration of travel.

‘Throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover’

This was initially going to be used in the advert. However, we changed the text to bring out Uniglobe’s key messages. Even though we only had 30 seconds we wanted to tell a story, which is why we start on a twitter conversation and move into the two people meeting. Bringing in the social media and connecting aspect. We then brought out the travel by moving from the handshake to an animation of an plane above the London skyline.

This was filmed against a green screen and the backgrounds and animation added in post.