The University wanted to show the range of work and experiences granted to the students on these courses with particular focus on placements and the opportunities that come with that route, raising the profile of the courses.

Our approach to this film was to get as much information about the course and the experience from the students. We elected for a table discussion, which allowed for more interaction between the students. They felt comfortable and at ease during the discussions, and we garnered answers that we would not have received, had we sat them down and interviewed them one on one.

We created a list of questions aimed to get the answers we knew we needed but due to the nature of the filming we also got invaluable answers we never expected. The B-roll shots showcased the variety of hands-on experiences that the students can participate in and the facilities available at the university, showing the large laboratory and greenhouse space. This concept created a more authentic and relaxed feeling to the film.

This film was created as part of the undergraduate recruitment cycle to appeal to potential students starting their search for courses at University. It was also used as a conversion tool, delivering information about the student experience and the opportunities that the course offered, to encourage prospective students to consider Bath as their firm choice. The film also needed to appeal to parents of prospective students and showcase the potential of future career paths.

Working within the wider campaign for the Biosciences courses, there has been an increased interest in the Biosciences courses and increased number of visitors to the Biosciences webpage.