What Type of Video Are You Looking For?

Types of video

Training Videos – Training videos can be used to promote of the company, product or service. Training videos promote can enhance awareness about health and safety guidelines as well as operation procedures for employees.

Promotional video – Promotional videos can be used to endorse your company/brand/product/individual. Video engages with the audience and showcases your company in a compelling and visual way. Whether it be for products, services, company overviews, exhibitions, websites, brands, or anything else your company offers, we can create dynamic videos that inform, entertain and retain visitors.

Animation – Animation is a visual and communication medium. With computer animation, you can quite literally create whatever you can think of. From Hi-end CGI backgrounds to quirky illustrations, digital grading, to manipulating the image to give it a glossy film look.

Exhibition Video – To be shown on a stand at exhibitions and put onto a DVD / CDrom USB / to give to customers, often used for promotional purpose when showing company / product. The video can also go onto company’s website and youtube.

Web Video – Usually between 1-5 minutes in length, can incorporate people/spokesperson onto web page, can be used to show viewers an overview of the company / products.

Adverts – TV adverts are very different from creating standard web based ads or promos. They have all have to go through a process of being cleared that they meet all legal requirements. They also have to conform to exact technical specifications. We have created TV adverts in the past and are able to look after all areas of the production, from creating the concept, storyboards, filming, editing and output, and also putting them through clearing for approval.

Communication – Video communication is becoming more popular and is an effective way to deliver a message to employees, clients or the public. It would normally be based around interviews or talking to camera.