Dynomite’s guide to crowd funding campaigns

What is crowd funding? Well its when you create a campaign for something which asks people to donate / pledge money to, and you will often give them something for their donation (a perk).

We are currently running our third crowd funding campaign for our upcoming feature film ‘All that remains’, which is being done through a company called indigogo.

The film is being made under the company Major Oak Entertainment Ltd 

This is what we have done:

When setting up the campaign we supplied as much information about the film and the company background as we could, including synopsis, a promo video, artwork and relevant links to blogs which allow people to track the progress of the film. We then created a number of ‘perks’ that people would¬†receive depending on the amount donated. Perks are a great way to give something back to those who are kind enough to have donated and show your appreciation.

A great way to spread awareness about your campaign is to email bloggers, especially those who could have an interest in your film, and tell them about the campaign, the project, why you are making it and why it is important. Another easy way is to email your friends and family and ask them to pass on the email to anyone who they think could be interested.

Good luck with your project!

All that remains is produced by MajorOak Entertainment Ltd, in association with Dynomite Productions Ltd and Pixel revolution films