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Our continued growth means we are looking to expand our team and have an exciting opportunity for an experienced video editor / camera operator to join us in our Nottingham office.

Video Editor / Camera Operator Support

About us:

Dynomite Productions is a dynamic video production agency. We craft creative and engaging videos for a range of B2B and B2C clients across a wide of industries in the public and private sectors. Over the past decade, we have developed long-standing client relationships, working with iconic brands and world-renowned organisations.

Skills & Experience:

·       An exceptional attention to detail and ability to work with a variety of complex subject matters.

·       Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative cloud software including Premiere Pro CC [DaVinci Resolve would be a plus].

·       Experience and working knowledge of CC grading tools.

·       Be able to provide individual examples of filming and editing work, preferably corporate/promo projects.

·       The ability to craft a narrative from content.

·       Sound knowledge and experience operating a variety of cameras.

·       Full UK driving license and car.

Please supply examples of relevant work (including details of your role on the project) as part of your application.


  • Salary based on experience.

Annual Leave

·       20 days annual leave (plus 8 days bank holiday)


  • The first 6 months of employment will be considered a probation period.


Got what we are looking for..? Ping over examples of your work to sales@dynomiteproductions.co.uk

Dynomite Launches Two New Showreels

Last year Dynomite celebrated 10 years in business, and it almost goes without saying that our industry has changed phenomenally in that time, not only in terms of the equipment used but also the type of videos that are in demand. One of the interesting things about trading in a time of social media is that everyone can view your work when you first start, and they can also watch it as it changes and improves. Growth today is a publicly shared experience.

Since the release of our last showreel, Dynomite has doubled in size, and the quality of our work has increased to a level that we are really proud of. This is in no small part down to the wonderful clients that we collaborate with, who drive us to make really creative, memorable videos that work for them. We’ve also taken the time to invest in new equipment, so that the work we produce is always future proof; one of the newest additions to our arsenal is a drone, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities for our clients and their videos.

So, with this new wave of high calibre videos, we thought it was high time we released an updated showreel – and it’s one that we’re truly proud to put our name on:

One area where we’ve really worked hard to develop our services is with our animated videos and graphic design. We’ve recently enlisted the skills of a talented specialist animator, which has enabled us to offer increasingly stunning graphics whenever the client needs them. With this service skyrocketing in popularity over the past 12 months, we felt the need to showcase it in a dedicated second reel:

So, what do you think of our new showreels? Drop us a line and let us know – or visit our offices to find out how we can make video work for your marketing plans.


How to choose a Video Production Company



So, you’ve made the right decision, and chosen to have video content created for your website. You’re one step closer to generating brand awareness and potential new business. The decision to have a video is easy; the decision of who’ll make it is not.

There’s countless video production companies out there, and almost as many guides on how to choose them, some of which contain conflicting advice. All put together, it’s a lot of online ‘noise’ which doesn’t help narrow down your search.

But when it comes to it, all you need to consider are these three steps:


1) Know how you want your video to look, and why

Your finished video will usually be the introduction potential clients have to you and your business, so it needs to represent who you are as a brand, and, put simply, it needs to look ‘right’. Do you have a certain style you want to replicate? Is this personal preference, or do you like it because you think it will work best for your company? Do you know that your target customers will respond well to this style?Joel Camera

These questions will help you decide which type of video you want. A lot of video content these days is viewed on mobile devices, so you may want to ensure your video will work on that platform – or, if your target audience is older, you might consider other, more effective ways to promote the finished product.

Once you’ve decided on a video style and format, browse the websites of video production companies, and make sure they have examples of the type of video you want. If you want your video to feature primarily online and go ‘viral’, check the YouTube hits of a production company’s previous videos. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, if you want your video to work on television as well as online, you need to ensure that the company you choose has the correct experience and equipment to deliver this format (not all cameras are ‘broadcast ready’!).

A lot can be said for finding a company that specialises in the type of video you want, but don’t rule out companies that offer a variety of styles. Multi-talented agencies can be the most creative, and they’ll be able to make your video different and memorable rather than sticking to a well-worn, forgettable formula.


2) Establish your budget, and how to achieve your video within it

Consider this scenario – you need to provide a printed presentation to a senior colleague or client. The paper choice is vital. Print your words on thick, glossy card and you’ll be seen as frivolous rather than sensible. Print it on bargain paper, and it may well weather and smudge before you can deliver it. You need simple, good quality paper that gets your message across unhindered.

It’s the same principle with promotional videos. Not every business will suit an extravagant and expensive video, but presenting yourself to your client via low-quality footage (such as the increasingly popular ‘phone camera footage’) will give off the wrong impression.

It’s important that your chosen production company have good quality equipment, but more importantly, they need to know how to use it. Technology is now more available and affordable than ever before, but it’s also accessible to amateurs, resulting in more and more promotional videos online which are out of focus or overblown. And how can you deliver a message correctly to your client when your face is blurred?

As with most things, when it comes to video, you do get what you pay for. But it’s important to know that your chosen company understands your budget, that they can work to it, and that they have enough hands-on experience to deliver the best quality product at a sensible price. What’s more, they’ll give you recommendations about how to get what you want within your budget, and they’ll be honest up front about what isn’t achievable.


3) Make sure you like the people behind the camera!

This may not sound important, but it is. You’ll have lots of questions that need answering – probably even more after reading this article! So you need to make sure that you trust the people you’re working with enough to ask those questions, and to expect a genuine response, even at the umpteenth hour when the money has been spent.

A good production company will be friendly, welcoming (wanting your business without desperation), and good listeners. Through as many meetings as it takes, they need to find out who you are, to make sure your company’s ‘personality’ shows in your video – and more importantly, good communication will ensure that they properly understand what your company does! If your video production company doesn’t get to know you, then the message will be lost before the final product reaches your target audience.

A good working relationship is key. It’s the foundation that’s laid beneath everything that goes into your video. The best creative ideas are passed around in a relaxed and informal setting, so make sure your production company are people you’d like to go out for coffee with!

In-person conversation is the greatest tool we have, and it works both ways. As the video production company gets to know you, you in turn will find out more about them. If they do not prove their expertise, and if they’re unable to answer your questions, it’s likely the finished product will be unsatisfactory. Or worse, it’ll just ‘sit on the shelf’ when it’s finished.


In the end, you have to find the best production company for you, and it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. You have to trust your instincts to know what’s best for your business.

We hope that you find the above useful. And if you’d like to find out why Dynomite Productions Ltd could be the ideal choice for you, then please get in touch!

Dynomite’s Guide To: Event Videos

20150414_090646 cropped

Over the next few blog posts, we’ll be going behind the scenes on the different types of videos and services we offer to clients. The first in our ‘Dynomite’s Guide To…’ series, since we’ve got Marketing Week Live on our minds at the moment (as well as our recent trip to Hamburg), is of course, Event Videos.

Event videos cover a few different areas – exhibitions, conferences, large-scale presentations such as book launches and film premieres, the list goes on – and they’re a form of video which never stops being popular. There are some strong benefits for commissioning a video of your event:

  • The finished video can be hosted on social media, increasing your online presence and click-through rate. If it’s an event featuring members of the public, they may spot themselves in the video and even share it around, creating a talking point.
  • It can work as a promotional video – either to advertise your next event or just to showcase your business in general.
  • You can send the video to people who were unable to attend the event, making sure they don’t miss out on the all-important insight into your business. Or you can send it to people who did attend, offering a memento as a way of saying thankyou.
  • You can use footage from the event to send to clients (potential or valued), proving your professionalism within your field.
  • TESTIMONIALS. There’s nothing better than a good review from a user of your services, and how often do you get the opportunity to get many of them in one room, with a camera ready and willing to pick up those all-important quotes?

So, how do we go about creating the perfect event video for you? Initially, we get to know you and your business, and find out what you want to achieve from your video. Then we look into the best way to capture your event.

Coverage is key. If there are speakers at your event, we use multiple cameras to capture everything they say and do, and to give us options for a slick, flawless edit. We also recommend dedicating one of our cameramen as a ‘roaming camera’, constantly moving and capturing the little details of your day – which can be use to enhance your video on a promotional level – as well as capturing reactions and testimonials from your attendees.

We appreciate the time and effort which goes into organising an event from your side – so we make sure you’re getting the best quality and attention to detail from our side. After all, if you don’t get the best out of your video, and can’t show off the event at the caliber it deserves, then your efforts are in danger of being wasted.

Do you have an exhibition, conference, or other special event coming up that you’d like filmed? Get in touch!

And don’t forget to visit our stand at this year’s Marketing Week Live, on the 29th and 30th April 2015.

New promotional video for Shredall & SDS

Yesterday we were proud to release our latest promotional for Shredall & SDS, the secure document shredding, storage and scanning company. Shredall has been a great contact for Dynomite over the years, so we were delighted when they came to us again to make their new video.

As a family-run business, Shredall care about people – not just their clients, but also those within their own company. They wanted their workers to feature heavily in their latest video, and we worked with them to help give their team members a voice.

Some of our team on the Shredall shoot

We worked closely with Shredall throughout pre-production to develop a concept and script – one which allowed their team to shine through whilst still portraying the company’s vision and goals. We also took our time on the edit, weaving together a montage of footage with the various layers of dialogue, and Shredall had their input throughout this process too.

Shredall & SDS – Promotional Video

We think the finished result is definitely worth the efforts put into it from both sides, and the company’s personality is showcased well in the video. If you agree, and if you would like us to come and tell your company’s story, then please get in touch!

All About The Production Process

To The Drawing Board

During the pre-production stage, primarily, it is essential to meet with the client to establish what they want the video to look like and what the video needs to achieve. It is important to establish the theme, key messages and how the company would like to be portrayed in the video and we always take these points on board throughout the productive development.

Creating The Concept

When creating the concept for Cakeit’s video, we applied all of the points in development. It was clear we needed to produce something that would showcase the benefits and ease of use of Cakeit’s courses and cake decoration kit.

Cakeit Advert

Storyboarding and Scripting

When storyboarding and scripting, we take an imaginative approach and we are always open to new interesting ideas. As a team, we have creative meetings and run all our ideas past one another, including directors and editors, this assures us that our ideas can be achieved.



Part of the production process requires the organization of location scouting and searching through our actor or voice over databases. For the Establishment’s video there was a lot of organisaton that went into lighting, sound, location scouting and prop handling that were essential to the visual style.

Establishment – Superstar


The way something is filmed can change the audience’s perspective of a video. There are many different filming techniques that can enhance viewer experiences. For example, we chose to use a track on Uniglobe’s video so that we can motion track the text to the movement.

Uniglobe Promotional Video

Having a good reliable crew is a key feature at Dynomite. We have a resource of production crew who filmed this video using a C100 and a canon 6D. They envisioned the visuals through the scriptwriter’s words, turned the storyboards into moving image and created a high-end glossy look for a corporate travel video.

Post Production

The final stages of film making is Post Production. Our editing software includes Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and After Effects. The editor’s processes cover editing sound, pictures and music, adding any special effects whether it be visual or audio, sound mixing, colour grading and title and graphic designs.

Uniglobe Travel awards

The video

The creative

When creating the concept one word described what the video was about – Connecting. Whether that is connecting with customers via social media or connecting a person from one destination to another. We took inspiration from the quote by Mark Twain, which epitomized the excitement, adventure and exploration of travel.

‘Throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover’

This was initially going to be used in the advert. However, we changed the text to bring out Uniglobe’s key messages. Even though we only had 30 seconds we wanted to tell a story, which is why we start on a twitter conversation and move into the two people meeting. Bringing in the social media and connecting aspect. We then brought out the travel by moving from the handshake to an animation of an plane above the London skyline.

This was filmed against a green screen and the backgrounds and animation added in post.