Dynomite’s Guide To: Event Videos

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Over the next few blog posts, we’ll be going behind the scenes on the different types of videos and services we offer to clients. The first in our ‘Dynomite’s Guide To…’ series, since we’ve got Marketing Week Live on our minds at the moment (as well as our recent trip to Hamburg), is of course, Event Videos.

Event videos cover a few different areas – exhibitions, conferences, large-scale presentations such as book launches and film premieres, the list goes on – and they’re a form of video which never stops being popular. There are some strong benefits for commissioning a video of your event:

  • The finished video can be hosted on social media, increasing your online presence and click-through rate. If it’s an event featuring members of the public, they may spot themselves in the video and even share it around, creating a talking point.
  • It can work as a promotional video – either to advertise your next event or just to showcase your business in general.
  • You can send the video to people who were unable to attend the event, making sure they don’t miss out on the all-important insight into your business. Or you can send it to people who did attend, offering a memento as a way of saying thankyou.
  • You can use footage from the event to send to clients (potential or valued), proving your professionalism within your field.
  • TESTIMONIALS. There’s nothing better than a good review from a user of your services, and how often do you get the opportunity to get many of them in one room, with a camera ready and willing to pick up those all-important quotes?

So, how do we go about creating the perfect event video for you? Initially, we get to know you and your business, and find out what you want to achieve from your video. Then we look into the best way to capture your event.

Coverage is key. If there are speakers at your event, we use multiple cameras to capture everything they say and do, and to give us options for a slick, flawless edit. We also recommend dedicating one of our cameramen as a ‘roaming camera’, constantly moving and capturing the little details of your day – which can be use to enhance your video on a promotional level – as well as capturing reactions and testimonials from your attendees.

We appreciate the time and effort which goes into organising an event from your side – so we make sure you’re getting the best quality and attention to detail from our side. After all, if you don’t get the best out of your video, and can’t show off the event at the caliber it deserves, then your efforts are in danger of being wasted.

Do you have an exhibition, conference, or other special event coming up that you’d like filmed? Get in touch!

And don’t forget to visit our stand at this year’s Marketing Week Live, on the 29th and 30th April 2015.