Dynomite Launches Two New Showreels

Last year Dynomite celebrated 10 years in business, and it almost goes without saying that our industry has changed phenomenally in that time, not only in terms of the equipment used but also the type of videos that are in demand. One of the interesting things about trading in a time of social media is that everyone can view your work when you first start, and they can also watch it as it changes and improves. Growth today is a publicly shared experience.

Since the release of our last showreel, Dynomite has doubled in size, and the quality of our work has increased to a level that we are really proud of. This is in no small part down to the wonderful clients that we collaborate with, who drive us to make really creative, memorable videos that work for them. We’ve also taken the time to invest in new equipment, so that the work we produce is always future proof; one of the newest additions to our arsenal is a drone, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities for our clients and their videos.

So, with this new wave of high calibre videos, we thought it was high time we released an updated showreel – and it’s one that we’re truly proud to put our name on:

One area where we’ve really worked hard to develop our services is with our animated videos and graphic design. We’ve recently enlisted the skills of a talented specialist animator, which has enabled us to offer increasingly stunning graphics whenever the client needs them. With this service skyrocketing in popularity over the past 12 months, we felt the need to showcase it in a dedicated second reel:

So, what do you think of our new showreels? Drop us a line and let us know – or visit our offices to find out how we can make video work for your marketing plans.


All About The Production Process

To The Drawing Board

During the pre-production stage, primarily, it is essential to meet with the client to establish what they want the video to look like and what the video needs to achieve. It is important to establish the theme, key messages and how the company would like to be portrayed in the video and we always take these points on board throughout the productive development.

Creating The Concept

When creating the concept for Cakeit’s video, we applied all of the points in development. It was clear we needed to produce something that would showcase the benefits and ease of use of Cakeit’s courses and cake decoration kit.

Cakeit Advert

Storyboarding and Scripting

When storyboarding and scripting, we take an imaginative approach and we are always open to new interesting ideas. As a team, we have creative meetings and run all our ideas past one another, including directors and editors, this assures us that our ideas can be achieved.



Part of the production process requires the organization of location scouting and searching through our actor or voice over databases. For the Establishment’s video there was a lot of organisaton that went into lighting, sound, location scouting and prop handling that were essential to the visual style.

Establishment – Superstar


The way something is filmed can change the audience’s perspective of a video. There are many different filming techniques that can enhance viewer experiences. For example, we chose to use a track on Uniglobe’s video so that we can motion track the text to the movement.

Uniglobe Promotional Video

Having a good reliable crew is a key feature at Dynomite. We have a resource of production crew who filmed this video using a C100 and a canon 6D. They envisioned the visuals through the scriptwriter’s words, turned the storyboards into moving image and created a high-end glossy look for a corporate travel video.

Post Production

The final stages of film making is Post Production. Our editing software includes Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and After Effects. The editor’s processes cover editing sound, pictures and music, adding any special effects whether it be visual or audio, sound mixing, colour grading and title and graphic designs.

Derbyshire County Council – video production campaign

The brief:

Derbyshire County Council wanted a series of TV ads that can be integrated within there existing print and online marketing campaign. The ads needed to fit in with the look of the print advertising using the clean white background, the strap line and the the concept. 

The creative:

Working with a Derbyshire based creative agency and the County Council we came up with a number of concepts that would bring the print based images to life whilst keeping them on brand and recognizable as part of a larger campaign.

We wanted the adverts to have a story that the viewer can follow, which when working with 20 seconds of edited time meant for a lot of storyboards and bad acting to test out the run length. To make these work we decided that instead of just cutting to each actor we needed something visual that would move the story and keep a consistent pace. Once the concepts and storyboards were approved we filmed the adverts over 1 day and then went straight into post production where we added animation, colouring and grading and ready for broadcast output.

derby cc storyboard

The outcome:

We filmed and edited 5 adverts in total looking to initially use two and then a further two later on in the year. The adverts were approved and put through clearing to ensure all legal advertising standard requirements were met. We worked with the ad buyers to ensure all deadlines were met. The adverts went out on ITV East Midlands and ITV Yorkshire at prime time slots over a period of two weeks and were viewed by over 2 million people. They were also used online on ITV player and the Derbyshire County Council website. 

Music Video, Miss 600 Typically Me

Following the success of their first single and video ‘Twist’ we were very pleased to be asked to make the 3rd video for sensational new duo Miss600.

The creative

The video needed to showcase a full band production and include scenarios that are mentioned in the lyrics. It was an exterior shoot in December and so we were limited to time because of the weather conditions. – Even though we rigged tarpaulin above the entire band and used continuous lighting there was always the worry of changing weather conditions that will affect the continuity. – Luckily everyone was willing to work flat out until we had worked our way through the storyboard of shots that we had created in pre production.

We knew that we wanted a very deliberate pace to the final edit and this was implemented during production by creating movement to the shots that matched the song.

In order to create the scenarios for the video and to make it stand out by adding a somewhat quirky element we decided to film Hannah, the lead singer, in front of a green screen, and then create an illustrated look to the image, an idea that we got from the brilliant opening credits to the film Juno. – By doing this is allowed us to create a look that contrasted with the black and white live action band shots and allows the viewer to concentrate on the performance.

Get all of the latest Miss600 news from their website

We hope that you enjoy!


Digital grading and manipulating the image

Just a quick blog update today. We are currently working on the edit for a new music video. It was filmed in an old army tent and had actors and soldiers in costume as the band played around them.

Part of the song needed a dark and desaturated look to give a more intense feeling and fit in with the pace. Below you can see two stills one which was shot on the day with a P2 High definition camera in its raw format, and next to it you can see the image once it has been graded.

The other part to the song is going to have an aged 8mm look to it, the reason for this is the  warm nostalgic feeling that 8mm creates.

Q. So, why is digital grading important?

A. Because its better to be a needle in a haystack, than a haystack.


Promo video using still images

We were asked by a design agency to create a short promo video to show their clients range of cookers using only still images. This is what we created.

The pace of the edit needed to be fast and by using the images of the actors for the photo shoot we were able to create small personal moments within the video with the cooker as the backdrop, which helped emphasize the ‘life revolves around a rangemaster’ tagline at the end.


Deciding on the right type of video production

We have outlined some of the different types of services and productions that might help you when you are considering having a video made.

1. Promotional videos – These can be used to promote a company, product or service and are very effective as short (usually between 30seconds – 3 minutes) videos that sit on a web page, or a range of videos over different pages relating to the content. Also very good for exhibition stands and to give out at exhibitions, to integrate with youtube and social marketing, to promote an offer or new area of the business, to give a quick demonstration of a product.

2. Training videos – These can be very varied, from something with simple voice over and animation to filming a recreation of an event, to include interviews with people or animation, sometimes in part and other times fully animated. The main point with a training video is to get the companies message across in a way that is engaging, creative and relevant.

3. Live event filming – This could be a conference that wants a multi camera shoot and editing down to the individual speakers and a 2 minute highlight of the event to a live show, to an open day or product launch. We have the capabilities to run a feed from 1 camera to a TV screen and a converter to join up that screen to another one, which would mean that you could offer a live feed from the event to 2 screens. We also work with a company that has a full OB (outside broadcast) setup, which would mean that you could offer live streaming to an internet  / TV channel, or up to 8 camera live edit that can be output to a screen.

4. Animation – This can be anything from  CGI (computer generated animation), digital grading (manipulating the image in post production to give it a bespoke look), animating illustrations, logo animation, motion graphics or 3d modelling, and can be  part of a filmed video to give it more visual presence or as your complete film.

5. Communication – This can be delivering an internal or external message to employees or clients, it could be used to deliver information, launch a campaign, give a notification or promotion or just as an update. The important point with a communication video is that it allows you to connect far better than an email or written document and it makes it more personal.

Dynomite’s guide to crowd funding campaigns

What is crowd funding? Well its when you create a campaign for something which asks people to donate / pledge money to, and you will often give them something for their donation (a perk).

We are currently running our third crowd funding campaign for our upcoming feature film ‘All that remains’, which is being done through a company called indigogo.

The film is being made under the company Major Oak Entertainment Ltd 

This is what we have done:

When setting up the campaign we supplied as much information about the film and the company background as we could, including synopsis, a promo video, artwork and relevant links to blogs which allow people to track the progress of the film. We then created a number of ‘perks’ that people would receive depending on the amount donated. Perks are a great way to give something back to those who are kind enough to have donated and show your appreciation.

A great way to spread awareness about your campaign is to email bloggers, especially those who could have an interest in your film, and tell them about the campaign, the project, why you are making it and why it is important. Another easy way is to email your friends and family and ask them to pass on the email to anyone who they think could be interested.

Good luck with your project!

All that remains is produced by MajorOak Entertainment Ltd, in association with Dynomite Productions Ltd and Pixel revolution films

Using Video Production to promote your company

Just a short post today about using video production to promote your company, product or service.

Video can be used for virtually any company whether it be straightforward client testimonials, a 90 second promo, or a company overview. It can feature presenters, talking heads, motion graphics, animation, whatever is required to make your video stand out with original and creative content.

As a production company it is also important that we understand what you want to achieve from your video, who is the target audience, what do you want them to get from it, is there a call to action. Once we understand your company we are able to help advise you on the best way to structure your video to deliver the right message and develop creative ideas that are bespoke to your company.