Dynomite Launches Two New Showreels

Last year Dynomite celebrated 10 years in business, and it almost goes without saying that our industry has changed phenomenally in that time, not only in terms of the equipment used but also the type of videos that are in demand. One of the interesting things about trading in a time of social media is that everyone can view your work when you first start, and they can also watch it as it changes and improves. Growth today is a publicly shared experience.

Since the release of our last showreel, Dynomite has doubled in size, and the quality of our work has increased to a level that we are really proud of. This is in no small part down to the wonderful clients that we collaborate with, who drive us to make really creative, memorable videos that work for them. We’ve also taken the time to invest in new equipment, so that the work we produce is always future proof; one of the newest additions to our arsenal is a drone, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities for our clients and their videos.

So, with this new wave of high calibre videos, we thought it was high time we released an updated showreel – and it’s one that we’re truly proud to put our name on:

One area where we’ve really worked hard to develop our services is with our animated videos and graphic design. We’ve recently enlisted the skills of a talented specialist animator, which has enabled us to offer increasingly stunning graphics whenever the client needs them. With this service skyrocketing in popularity over the past 12 months, we felt the need to showcase it in a dedicated second reel:

So, what do you think of our new showreels? Drop us a line and let us know – or visit our offices to find out how we can make video work for your marketing plans.


The Establishment – music video campaign

The brief

Up and coming band The Establishment asked us to create a music video for their debut song ‘Jennifer Jones’. This music video features football legends, Stuart Pearce, Les Ferdinand, Des Walker and Teddy Sheringham. It also features a cameo from Coronation Street actor Chris Barlow. We had a limited shooting schedule and so had to make sure we were able to capture all of the footage in the allotted time. The establishment wanted to be shown in a studio environment and have a very natural un staged look.

The creative

Working with the band we created the concept, which we then story boarded. The production involved two filming locations in Nottingham and London and we needed to arrange around 30-40 extras to be involved. By using the idea of having a main actress who the song is about it allowed us to cut between the band and the actress as she interacts with the cameo roles. We spent a day with the band in the studio and filmed a lot of behind the scenes type footage to allow us to get the natural response.

We used a mixture of mediums to film on and even used some footage shot by the band on their i phones. As the finished film was designed to have a grainy gritty look the mixed mediums worked well and gave a very contemporary feel to the video.

The outcome

The video was used as one of the main publicity and marketing tools for the launch of the album and the single. We have also gone onto make a further two videos and also a behind the scenes promo for them.