Deciding on the right type of video production

We have outlined some of the different types of services and productions that might help you when you are considering having a video made.

1. Promotional videos – These can be used to promote a company, product or service and are very effective as short (usually between 30seconds – 3 minutes) videos that sit on a web page, or a range of videos over different pages relating to the content. Also very good for exhibition stands and to give out at exhibitions, to integrate with youtube and social marketing, to promote an offer or new area of the business, to give a quick demonstration of a product.

2. Training videos – These can be very varied, from something with simple voice over and animation to filming a recreation of an event, to include interviews with people or animation, sometimes in part and other times fully animated. The main point with a training video is to get the companies message across in a way that is engaging, creative and relevant.

3. Live event filming – This could be a conference that wants a multi camera shoot and editing down to the individual speakers and a 2 minute highlight of the event to a live show, to an open day or product launch. We have the capabilities to run a feed from 1 camera to a TV screen and a converter to join up that screen to another one, which would mean that you could offer a live feed from the event to 2 screens. We also work with a company that has a full OB (outside broadcast) setup, which would mean that you could offer live streaming to an internet  / TV channel, or up to 8 camera live edit that can be output to a screen.

4. Animation – This can be anything from  CGI (computer generated animation), digital grading (manipulating the image in post production to give it a bespoke look), animating illustrations, logo animation, motion graphics or 3d modelling, and can be  part of a filmed video to give it more visual presence or as your complete film.

5. Communication – This can be delivering an internal or external message to employees or clients, it could be used to deliver information, launch a campaign, give a notification or promotion or just as an update. The important point with a communication video is that it allows you to connect far better than an email or written document and it makes it more personal.