What a difference the day makes

We recently filmed a music video for the amazing up and coming  duo Miss600. We were fortunate to have access to a rooftop location that overlooked Nottingham City centre and lucky that it didn’t rain, and as it was late afternoon the light was beautiful and not too harsh, but it was hard to get definition between exposing for the lead singer Hannah’s face and exposing for the sky. So we decided to add the clouds in post production. Here is a little tutorial on how to do this effectively.

1. First we did an offline edit and so new the exact shots that we were going to use for the roof scenes.

2. We then brought the shots into after effects

3. Next we looked through our stock library of moving sky and cloud images until we found the right one that suited the scene.

4. In after effects we placed the sky in the correct place and applied a multiply mode, so that it only affects the light areas.

5. We then used the masking tool to outline around Hannah and David on any areas where the sky was too obvious.

6. We then created numerous adjustment layers that were applied to either both the sky and the video footage or just the video footage that allowed us to grade the image so that it not only matched the sky but had a more film look to it.

Even though this was shot on true HD, even the smallest amount of post production digital grading and manipulation of the image can make a huge difference.

You can also use mapping to align the sky to a point in the video which will mean that it will move with any camera movement, but that is for a different day!

Video Production Costs and Outline

If you are looking or thinking about having a video made there are some points that you should take into consideration.

1. Cost – It will help you and the production company if there is a rough idea of how much you want to spend. There is no set rule for how much a video will cost, this is down to amount of time that it takes and the quality of the work that you are paying for.

2. Idea – The idea, concept or treatment is the outline to your video, when looking to have a video made it always helps if you have some idea as to what you want to feature, but it is also worth going over the idea with the production company and seeing what creative ideas they can offer. That being said you can pass it over to the production company and let them create the concept so long as you can provide answers to a few questions, such as; who is the target audience? what platform will the film be shown on? How you want your company/brand/product etc to be represented?

These answers will affect all areas of the production from the storyboards, to the way that it is shot and edited.

3. Execution – As the client it is your prerogative to be involved in the production as much or as little as you require. Once the pre production stage is complete, and you have a clear idea of the video, it is the production companies responsibility to ensure that the idea is executed correctly.